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Z-Tag Feedlot #
Our unique pivoting applicator pin makes loading quick and easy while eliminating ripped ears. Z Tags feedlot tags are easier to read than other tags, from front or back. That comes in handy in a crowded feedlot. Our self-piercing tips makes a clean, precise incision, helping to prevent infection and disease transfer. The back of our tags will not snag and pull out or break off like other tags, saving you the cost and inconvenience of re-tagging.

Product Notifications
Availability: This product is available in green, red, blue, whte, orange, yellow, pink, fuchsia, and purple. Tags numbered 1-1000 are available in intervals of 50 (1-50, 51-100, etc.). Custom tags can be made upon request. Applicator: The recommended applicator (product code 120336) for this product is sold separately. Free applicator with purchase of 250 or more tags (limit of one per customer). Large Quantity Orders: Please call for pricing on large quantity orders. Shipping: Free shipping is available with orders over $65. See Shipping Information for more details.
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Z-Tag Feedlot # (50 Count)
Product Code: ZTAGFEEDLOT#  


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